SolarWall and LEED® 

The SolarWall® technology is a solar air heating system that offsets
the heating load in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings
by preheating incoming ventilation air. The technology is available in
a modular rooftop system – SolarDuct® – and can also be combined
with photovoltaics – SolarWall PV/T – to create a hybrid system.
SolarWall and SolarWall PV/T technologies are favored by
architects on LEED® projects because of their;

•• Ease of integration into the building envelope
•• Sizable amount of renewable energy production
•• Architectural versatility
•• LEED® point generation (6+ LEED® points under 2.0,
and up to 9+ LEED® points expected under 3.0)

LEED® Categories 

The SolarWall® technology is LEED® qualifying in the following categories:

Energy & Atmosphere
     EAC1 – Optimize Energy Performance
     EAC2 – On-site Renewable Energy
Indoor Environnemental Quality
     Ventilation Effectiveness

Materials and Resources
     Recycled Content 

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